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Enclosure Prototype and Concept Modelling

At Heber we are able to offer a bespoke 3D printing service, meaning we can not only create your electronics but also the enclosures for them.  

What is 3D printing?

3D printing, also known as Rapid Prototyping or Additive Manufacturing is a process that builds layers to create a three-dimensional solid object from a digital model.

To print a 3-D object, the manufacturer uses a computer-aided design (CAD) program to create a digital model that gets sliced into very thin cross-sections called layers. During the print process, the 3-D printer starts at the bottom of the design and builds up successive layers of material until the object is finished.

A huge array of printing materials is available, though the most common is plastic filament.

What Heber can do

We currently have 20 machines in our 3D print farm, and along with the renowned skills of our Commercial Director, Richard Horne, who quite literally wrote the book on 3D printing, we can create a wide range of functional prototypes to suit a whole range of products.

With 3D print projects we will work with you through the early design phases using specialised design software, right through to creating prototypes specifically made to your requirements.

The benefit of creating these prototypes is that they can be designed and manufactured specifically for one project. It is a great way to produce the perfect enclosure as any changes can be made quickly and at a low cost. Once the prototype has been finalised the digital model will allow for use in injection moulding, or 3D printing on a lager scale.

We predominantly use a PolyTerra PLA filament for our 3D printing which is a biodegradable plastic.  

Case Studies


When creating the Pippa AI kitchen safety device, we worked with the client to create a 3D printed prototype of the shape of the control board, along with designing and printing the perfect external enclosure design.   The use of 3D printing allowed changes to be accommodated before the final design tooling, for the injection moulded fire-retardant plastic case.

MiSTer Multisystem Gaming console

Another of our products, which Heber designed and manufactured the electronics and enclosure for is the MiSTer Multisytem gaming console, and associated add on systems. The bespoke enclosure was designed in house. As we had designed it from scratch and had the capabilities to test the design as a finished object, we were able to create a few versions in order to find the perfect finished product for both ease of use, and a stylish and recognisable case.

As the main console enclosure was designed by us, we are able to create the perfect cases for the add on systems, also created by Heber, creating a cohesive gaming system.

With all the designs for the MMS and add on systems, Heber made the print files available on open-source websites, allowing people to create the cases themselves in what ever colour or material they choose.


LeakBot is a smart leak detection system which alerts home owners to normally undetectable leaks in the home plumbing system. As the device was designed to clip on to range of different sized pipes and be discrete and also waterproof and robust, the design of the case needed to be total bespoke. Heber was able to create various designs for the client to find the best fit. The prototype was then used to create the finished product, which met all of the specifications needed.