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Returns Procedure

Returning a Heber Control System for Repair

Nobody knows our designs better than we do or has access to all the components that are used to build them. We offer 12 or 24 month warranty on assemblies from date of supply and of course we ensure long term availability to original manufacturing data and test equipment, even for most of our discontinued products.

Warrenty Repair

On the rare occasion you may need to return a control board to us for warranty repair or customer damage please note the following:

  • Warranty repairs will be provided unless the unit has been subject to customer damaged or external damage after the unit was supplied by Heber.
  • It is important to clearly label the unit with the failure mode or symptoms of failure to aid in inspection and repair, any unit returned that is not clearly labelled with a description of the suspected fault condition will incur delay while we contact you for further details.
  • Any current product returned to us under warranty repair will be inspected within three weeks. If the unit has failed due to manufacturing error it will be repaired or replaced and returned to you within 5 weeks of receipt. You will be notified in the three week inspection period if your returned product is outside of warranty repair, has customer damage or external damage outside of our control.
  • Before returning any product to us that is outside of warranty, please contact us first to discuss.
  • Any non-current production items will be repaired where possible or we will offer a discount on a replacement alternative if it cannot be fixed.
  • Any returned products that Heber deems as “beyond economic repair” (BER) will be disposed of at Heber according to the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Regulations 2013. Customers can request BER products be returned to them, if required, but at their own cost.
  • Please remove any programmable devices that are with the control system you are returning, such as SD Cards, Compact Flash cards and EPROMs, as we cannot guarantee these will be returned.

Before you return anything to us, you must first request a returns number and discuss the return, replacement or upgrade with us.

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