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Intellectual Property, Innovations and Technology Concept Systems

Heber research and develop new IP (intellectual property / Innovations) and technology concept systems, these can help simulate new product ideas or be the building block of a product or system to tackle an issue customers may be facing in their chosen markets.

Non-invasive level detection of fluids and materials

We have a range of sensing devices that can detect the level of a fluid on the outside of a container, handy if you want to know how much water/oil/slurry is inside a container that may be used over a period of time.

One such device is the Level Sense Strip, which was used by one of our customers as a starting point to develop a fully automatic bath filling system for the care market. The sensing strip is fixed into the outside of the bath tub during manufacture, this allows the control electronics system that Heber developed to control the flow of the water and also mixing both hot and cold water feeds to achieve the perfect temperature.

Smart sensing strips allow for reduced maintenance, no cleaning and eliminating the chance of sensors being damaged. This system allowed for other quality of life features to be added. Sensing movement, water temperature and duration of use are all continent side effects of having an intelligent non-invasive sensor system installed.

Fluid flow and dynamic mixing

Along with the sensing of fluids we also have a long history in the control of fluid flow, dynamic mixing and the use of proportional valves rather than slower and costly stepper motors or mechanical valves. These technologies have been developed over years of working with leading white goods manufacturers in both the home and care market.

Water flow and dynamic mixing

Water Monitoring

Our water monitoring network system can monitor water usage, or both fresh and waste water, and temperature and humidity to check for possible legionella in the water. Along side this it can also detect changes in flow resulting from leaks and blockages. Most notably this technology has been used in Leak Bot.

Leak Bot- concept, design and finished product

Smart Office Sensor Network

We have also developed a device to monitor the health and environmental conditions of offices, buildings, work and living spaces. The sensor network works by identifying when things such as oxygen levels, humidity, temperature and daylight quality are at healthy levels within the environment.

More Case Studies:

To discover all our concept product ideas and discuss the use of already developed IP or new IP in one of your products, please contact us.