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Hydro Dynamics Proportional Valves

Proportional valves allow for a minimal mechanical system when controlling the flow of fluids. High speed actuation and precise control allows for exacting applications without many of the costs associated with traditional stepper motor valves or motorised mechanical valves.

Heber have been developing and working with proportional valves for over 20 years. Pioneering the use in consumer applications such as digital mixing showers.

We have a vast experience with the use of proportional valves in closed loop control of fluids. If you have an application where flow control of a liquid is required, please contact us to talk about the benefits of using proportional valve technology in your product.

A minimal system for flow control can be as simple as a single valve and flow sensor. Compact and low power. If you require mixing of multiple fluids, many valves can be used, temperature of the fluid can be monitored, for example in mixing hot and cold water for digital taps, bath fillers or showering systems.

Heber has a range of electronics control systems suitable for the control of ‘solid-state’ proportional valves to mix fluids or control temperatures and flow rates. If you have a project that may benefit from proportional valve control technology, please contact us today –

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