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Heber MultiPi

The Heber MultiPi is an all-in-one retro gaming console system, using the Raspberry Pi CM4 embedded computer module.

Heber have developed the MultiPi for customers who want to use the vast range of retro gaming emulation software available for the Raspberry Pi eco-system. The MultiPi can also be used for any other task that a Raspberry Pi can do too.

The MultiPi has a range of onboard options, including the full Raspberry Pi I/O expansion bus neatly configured as a simple cartridge port. This cartridge I/O port will allow almost any type of Raspberry Pi expansion to be added as if it was running on the standard ’40pin I/O hat’. The Heber cartridge port also has a USB 2.0 bus to allow even further expansion options as cartridges.

The MultiPi datasheet and technical specification can be found below. User manuals and reference O/S images along with emulation software will be available before shipment.

One of the first cartridge expansions for the MultiPi is a full Analogue A/V card, featuring RGB SCART video output, VGA Output and analogue sound. This video output cartridge makes it easy to connect up to a CRT TV, CRT monitor or other analogue displays for authentic retro gaming of systems and arcades.

As standard the MultiPi has dual HDMI video outputs and a composite video output if you do not require the Analogue expansion cartridge.

The MultiPi has a second handy expansion at the front of the console in the form of a PCIe X1 port, this is for adding NvMe, solid state storage or other PC style peripherals or expansion.

MultiPi features an onboard 7 port USB 2.0 Hub, with one internal USB port and 6 for controllers, keyboard, mouse or other external USB devices. A high quality heatsink is fitted to the CM4 module along with an external antenna for convenient and reliable wireless connection.

The MultiPi system is powered by a single 5V external power supply and has a physical power switch at the front of the unit. You can boot software from a micro SD card at the front of the unit, via the USB ports or from the PCIe X1 expansion port.

If you wish to supply your own CM4 or compatible module, the MultiPi system is available as a built board only without the CM4 Module, heatsink or Wifi antenna.

MultiPi is also available as a full assembled system in a 3D printed enclosure, CM4 module, Wifi Antenna and high quality passively cooled heatsink.

MultiPi comes with a 3D printed enclosure designed specifically as a console form factor. The 3D printed enclosure is available to print yourself and is designed and manufactured by Heber in our in-house print farm.

The Heber MultiPi is designed in collaboration with RMC Retro and the Retro Collective.

Neil Thomas has a very popular YouTube channel dedicated to the restoration of classic computers, consoles and technology.

If you like retro gaming and classic computers, then the MultiPi could be just what you need.

If you have any technical questions about the MultiPi range of products, please let us know.