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Synonymous with innovative design and creative engineering, the Pluto range offer low power consumption and high performance with ultimate reliability. Whether you want to spin mechanical reels or display dual screen video, Pluto can meet your needs.

Pluto 6 Downloads

ItemFormatPart No.Issue No.Release DateFile Size
Hardware LibraryZIP81-166162525.05.09335KB
Peripherals LibraryZIP81-166311318.06.09505KB
Customer Peripherals LibraryZIP81-17315718.06.0941KB
Interface LibraryZIP81-172929r218.06.09301KB
Bootloader ProjectZIP81-17443818.06.09269KB
Demo ProjectZIP81-172691018.06.09780KB
Dual Video Reel Project (from Development Kit)ZIP81-18375619.06.091.47MB
Touchscreen ProjectZIP81-18328423.06.09426KB
Video & Audio Demo ProjectZIP81-17951510.06.0911.86MB
Pluto 6 UtilitiesZIP81-17916417.11.05820KB
Dual Video Reel Project – Compact Flash ImageZIP21-18014422.06.091.62MB
Video & Audio Demo Project – Compact Flash ImageZIP21-17460522.06.0911.14MB
Pluto 6 Dual Video Dev Kit – CD ImageZIP80-18134324.11.0562.5MB
Technical Documentation
Software Release NotesPDF80-177391519.06.09246KB
Pluto 6 Software Help File *See Note*CHM80-173141318.06.091.33MB
Pluto 6 User ManualPDF80-16322907.07.081.7MB
Pluto 6 Development Kit User ManualPDF80-184632r107.08.08385KB
Calypso 32 User ManualPDF80-16538610.07.08184KB
Technical Bulletins
Sound Driver RecommendationsPDF80-18329214.07.0838KB
Technical Drawings
Pluto 6 Evaluation Board SchematicsPDF56-16606611.07.06241KB
Pluto 6 PCB Mechanical DrawingPDF61-163101021.05.0435KB

Note: To download the Pluto 6 Software Help File, right click on the link and select “Save Target As…” or “Save Link As…”, depending on the browser you are using. If the Help File displays blank topics, right click on the .chm file, and select Properties, click Unblock, then OK.