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Manufacturing at Heber

Heber has been manufacturing electronic assemblies in the UK for over thirty years.

At Heber we aim to be involved in the whole process of electronics design. As such we offer a complete service for manufacturing, from components to products and through to life time care. We operate a fully bespoke and integrated computer system to control, manage and improve our manufacturing process. We continuously invest in, and create control and test equipment to ensure that we always deliver exceptional quality.

This means, that not only can we deisgn your electronics we can also manufacture them for you, allowing for low cost and quick changes and fixes througout the process allowing a for a perfect end product.

We have developed an expert purchasing capability, and utilise an integrated production planning, assembly and test capability, and also offer a full rework and repair service. Long term component supplier relationships mean that we can continuously identify and source new technologies and capabilities for our customers. This enables our clients to adopt early advantages into their products, helping them to develop evolutionary and detailed product road maps.

We can offer build options for different volumes within the UK, Europe and the Far East so that our customers can get the right manufacturing solution to suit their needs.

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