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At Heber we produce a wide range of products spanning multiple sectors and both industrial and consumer markets. We develop electronics and complete products for customers to use as part of a bigger system or as a stand alone application.

Xline USB interface – Our Xline boards are adaptable to any situation. They offer a multitude of I/O and control interfaces to gaming peripherals, such as note acceptors and coin mechanisms to your gaming system applications.

Embedded Control Platforms – These are designed to be suitable for amusement machines, arcades, spin reel gaming machines and casino machines.

Consoles and Gaming Interfaces – We are developing a range of retro gaming systems and emulators including our MiSTer FPGA based console, arcade and classic computer gaming system, joystick adaptors, basic coding systems and SNAC add ons.

AI Thermal Technology – Smart technology which can be used in many different ways from detecting fire risks in the home to cooking the perfect pancake.

Fluid Control Systems – Sensing devices that can monitor fluid levels, leaks and blockages, adjust flow and temperature and detect legionella in water. One example is Leak Bot, a non-invasive water leak detection system.

IP Concept Products – We also research and develop new IP (intellectual property / Innovations) and concept systems. These can help simulate new product ideas or be the building block of a product or system to tackle an issue customers may be facing in their chosen markets.

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