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3D Printing an Arcade Cabinet

Large Scale 3D Printing

Making a Computer Space Arcade Replica

Computer Space was designed and launched in 1971 by Nolan Bushnell and Ted Dabney, manufactured by Nutting associates. It didn’t do that well one the market at the time, but has since become a sought after rare cabinet.

Heber created the 3D print design based entirely on measurements taken from photos of the arcade cabinet. Using the measurements of a Pong cabinet pictured alongside the Computer Space game.

The body of the arcade cabinet was made up of 100 3D printed sections which were bonded together with specialist glue. The cabinet was then sanded, painted and a blue glitter resin coat was applied.

The finished cabinet is on display at the Arcade Archive here at the mill, with the orginal Computer Space game running on the MiSTer Multisystem, an FPGA gaming platform which was also designed by Heber.

More information on the full design and construction process can be found here