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Steam Cleaning


Matrix, a leading cleaning equipment manufacturer wanted to develop a new steam cleaning system and asked Heber to design the control system. In particular, Matrix wanted to work with a company who fully understood the requirements of the design and crucially could add specialist knowledge and skills when considering the control of water levels and steam.


Working closely with the client, Heber developed a control system that was rugged and reliable enough to cope with the hostile cleaning environment, whilst still providing the required level of control of the water heating and steam delivery systems. In addition, Heber introduced an innovative low cost capacitive water level sensing system. This novel approach removed the need for several mechanical and moving parts and increased product reliability.

The new cleaning system is a great success and makes short work of removing Bubble gum. Due to the performance, reliability and control provided by the steam cleaner, Matrix has broadened their entire product range. They are now offering products to new markets in industrial, retail and medical cleaning applications. If you are looking for expertise in the design of control systems for water heating, cooling, and flow then contact Heber.

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