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Heber at The Retro Collective

As part of the Retro Collective, Heber have launched a new online shop:

We’ve been working hard creating a new range of retro gaming consoles, interfaces and adaptors.

Our new products include the Super CTRLDock and CTRLDock Classic SE joystick adapters, the Agon Console8 programming console, and the Super Video Custard cartridge and Pi-MMS expansion cartridge for our MiSTer Multisystem.

These systems have all been designed and developed by Heber, in collaboration with The Retro Collective, and come with bespoke 3D printed cases, also designed and made by Heber.

The Retro Collective is a vintage technology community hosting interactive museums and exhibition spaces, and electronics design. For more information on what they do visit The Retro Collective

A proportion of the revenue from the online shop will go towards supporting our hands-on museums at The Retro Collective.