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A Magic Eye to Look Inside


A large number of Heber customers develop products for the cost sensitive consumer appliance market. The appliances often contain hazardous voltages, temperatures and moving parts, all of which can cause serious injury.

During development and service calls there is a need to measure data from within the appliance. This is dangerous work and often requires the engineer to put his, or her hands in the appliance whilst it is operating.

Opening an appliance to check for service log data or failures can be dangerous.

The challenge was to develop a tool that could be used during development and service calls, that was safe and did not impact on the cost of the product. It would be required to display information from within the appliance without the need to remove any casing.


The majority of consumer products contain an LED for visual identification of various functions, a typical example being power present.

Technology was developed to present data from the electronic control system via an existing LED. The user does not see any difference in the LED function; the data is transferred covertly. However, a development or service engineer armed with a Magic Eye dongle is able to “see” and capture information from the electronics in real time.

Data displayed from within the appliance

As a result of the creative Magic Eye solution, many Heber customers have benefited from reduced development times, safer working practices and shorter service time calls to users with problematic appliances in the field.

Magic Eye hardware and Insight software are available now.

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