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Introducing Pippa, the AI stove monitor

Heber are proud to introduce ‘Pippa’, a jointly developed AI hob & stove monitor system.

Pippa is a smart device which protects you, your home andd your family from the dangers of kitchen fires. it has been developed to assist with aspects of safety and cooking on any electric, gas or induction cooker hob.

Pippa is a brand new, patented, invention that can prevent fires before they start. Pippa does this by detecting potential risks of fire on your stove and warning you.

It constantly watches out for cooking hazards:

  • Is your pan about to about to burn?
  • Is your oil getting hot enough to catch fire?
  • Have you left a pan simmering and it has boiled dry?
  • Did you turn the stove off when you finished cooking?
  • Have you left something on the stove that’s started to ignite?

If there is a hazard, Pippa can warn you. Not only does this help prevent fires, it also helps to stop you burning your food, ruining your pans and filling your home with potentially cancer causing smoke and particulates.

Pippa Smart AI can also connect to your phone via Bluetooth and give you live temperatures of all your pans. You can set a desired cooking temperature and Pippa will tell you when the pan is at the right temperature, when to turn the heat up or down, and when your food is cooked.

You can use the recipe mode for AI guidance to cook the perfect steak, golden pancakes and many other foods, just right, every time.

Heber helped to design the software and casing for Pippa, working closely with the creator in this joint development.

Full FAQ list here –

If you wish to find out more about Pippa, please visit the Pippa product website here.

If you would like to be one of the first people to own and use Pippa, please consider supporting the project on Kickstarter.