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Making a Great Cup of Coffee


Coffee Nation had a problem, the supplier of a critical interface used in their Coffee vending machine made the product obsolete.

This interface was providing the vital communication of their control system to the coin acceptors, the machines could not be made without it.

A big problem for Coffee Nation, with little stock remaining and no alternative interface being offered by the supplier they turned to Heber for help.


Heber had the ideal solution already developed and in stock.
After discussions with the Heber and Coffee Nation Development teams the Heber Dual ccTalk interface was made to be 100% compatible with the Coffee Nation machine, providing a drop-in replacement.

Heber’s ccTalk adapter board simply required a cable to connect to the Coffee Nation controller providing the critical interface to the coin and note acceptors.

As a result of a Heber’s wide understanding of money management and software capability, we were able to offer a ready made solution for Coffee Nation which required no changes to software or mechanical construction.

Many other Vending and Kiosk products and services are available from Heber including software protocols and drivers for both USB interfacing products and complete vending control systems. Contact us today with you vending requirements.

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