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Market Leading Platforms

“To develop a successful and market-leading game you need a top-quality gaming platform.”

Gaming Technologies

This was the basic principle for the Bulgarian company Gaming Technologies. When it is a matter of quality Gaming Technologies made no compromise. That is why the company used the most innovative and reliable product for its game developments.

Several months before its first game debut, Gaming Technologies had been looking for a gaming platform that could fulfil the high demands of its engineers. After lengthy market research it was a “piece of cake” for Gaming Technologies when it found Heber.

We found all our requirements were met by Pluto 6. The key features we were looking for – top-quality, high reliability and security level combined with unbeatable performance were all found in Heber’s gaming platform. The assistance and technical support we received from Heber’s company team made the game development process faster and much more effective. That laid the foundations of a fruitful collaboration between Gaming Technologies and Heber.

Heber Gaming Pluto control systems

The results came soon and Gaming Technologies showed its first three games at EELEX. The triple debut of “Jurassic Man”, “Ali Baba” and “Lord of the Wins” had a great success for the company. Developed with high precision and astute professionalism the games performed thrilling graphics and interactive animation enhanced by astounding sound effects. The option for integration of peripheral appliances such as ticket printers, hoppers, bill and coin acceptors make the board invaluable asset for every contemporary casino and gaming hall.

With the launch of Pluto 6 Dual Video the innovation, oriented Bulgarian company made it part of its platform range with the idea to satisfy better its customers’ demands and expectations. The newest games, developed on that type of board give players more options to feel the spirit of the gaming concepts and become part of the games. It is guaranteed by the perfect combination of qualitative hardware and right software. And the result is long-lasting game play and high player and manager satisfaction.

The Heber Embedded range of controllers provide high performance embedded systems with video capability and flexible memory options. Pluto 6 has the option of having dual screen video output when two Calypso 32 graphics display controllers are fitted.

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