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Multisystem Console

The MiSTer Multisystem FPGA based gaming platform, is a design collaboration between Heber Ltd. and The Retro Group Ltd / The Retro Collective.

We are really pleased to annouce that our Multisystem console electronics have now been released as full open source hardware!

It’s all up on GitHub right now –
– GPL-3.0 License – Schematic source, PCB, Gerber’s etc. all included.

The MiSTer Multisystem is an FPGA based Console, Arcade and Classic Computer Gaming System. Developed by Heber, the Multisystem is an all-in-one motherboard that combines a number of existing MiSTer hardware developments and adds more expandability whilst keeping 100% compatible with the MiSTer Project.

We have Combined a V6.1 I/O board / 7 port USB Hub / SDRAM 128MB / ADC In & Out / SNAC port with integrated level shifter / HDMI isolator / RGB SCART / Multi purpose Expansion I/O port / TOSlink optical and both overcurrent and overvoltage protection, along with an integrated power on/off switch. All of this in a 170mm x 170mm mini-ITX console formfactor.

What is the MiSTer Project?

The MiSTer project started as a previous custom FPGA Design (the MiST) around 2014, this was designed to replicate the custom hardware found in the Atari ST and Commodore Amiga 16bit computers from the late 80’s.

A number of other FPGA ‘cores’ were developed and several thousand MiST boards were sold over the years until the DE10-Nano development board was released in late 2017. MiST was ported over and the project grew into multiple different cores and hardware add-on’s.

The Heber MiSTer Multisystem is designed to work with the popular open-source MiSTer Project. –

The lead MiSTer designer is Alexey Melnikov (sorgelig), he has developed both the open-source hardware and operating system running on MiSTer.

The MiSTer Multisystem will allow you to run a large range of FPGA ‘Cores’ that provide simulation the actual hardware used in classic computers, consoles, Arcade and entertainment electronics from the 1970’s, 80’s and 90′.

The MiSTer Multisystem 3D case – developed and designed by Heber

Also available is the bespoke 3D printed cases for the MiSTer Multisystem, designed and manufactured by Heber in our in-house print farm. Currently available in three colours, black, white and grey, we hope to offer a whole range of colour options and add ons in the future.

RMC Retro / The Retro Group Ltd / (The Retro Collective)

Neil Thomas has a very popular YouTube channel dedicated to the restoration of classic computers, consoles and technology.

If you like retro gaming and classic computers, then the Multisystem could be just what you need.

The MiSTer Multisystem Logo

The full assembly guide and operation manual is below as a PDF.

If you have any technical questions about the Multisystem range of products, please let us know in the form below.