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Multisystem Pi-MMS

The Pi-MMS is an add-on cartridge of the MiSTer Multisystem gaming console.

The Pi-MMS Cartridge has a set of high quality gold edge fingers that connect to the Multisystem Expansion slot. One onboard 40 pin Raspberry Pi I/O expansion connector and an OLED display with two control buttons.
MT32 Pi – Roland MT-32 emulator and SoundFont synthesizer
The Pi-MMS cartridge fitted with a Rasberry Pi Zero2/2W can run the MT32Pi project.

This project recreates the Roland MT32 MIDI sound card system. For More information about MT32Pi, you can download and support the project by Dale (d0pefish) Here –

If you wish to purchase the Pi-MMS cartridge, you can order over on the Heber shop via the The Retro Collective) website.