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Multisystem S-Video & Composite

This is the Super Video Custard expansion cartridge for your Multisystem.

What does it do?

The Super Video Custard adds high-quality S-Video, Composite Video and line-level stereo audio connections to the Multisystem. Choice of PAL and NTSC is supported, and the VGA or SCART output on the Multisystem can be used at the same time as the S-Video and/or Composite outputs.

Super Video Custard is compatible with all cores supporting 15kHz video output.

This is a dedicated hardware solution for S-video and Composite video output, adaptor cables are not required, just the standard S-video cable or 3 phono cables for composite and audio.

What you will receive

  • Super Video Custard cartridge

What additional parts do I need to use this with my Multisystem?

Just your choice of cables, no additional parts are required.

Also available is a replacment dust cover that can be added as an optional extra (you can find details here).  This is shorter on the top edge to allow the cartridge to fit.  See images for an example.  If you add the dust cover as an optional extra here you do not need to order one from the other listing.

Multisystem is not included and is shown to demonstrate the cartridge in place.

Data sheet/manual can be downloaded here –

3D print files for the enclosure will be available soon.

If you wish to purchase the S-Video cartridge for the Multisystem, please head over to The Retro Group (The Retro Collective) website.