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New Pluto Video PSU from Heber Gaming

Heber gaming customers will soon be able to order the new addition to the Pluto range of products: a drop-in replacement for the Sanken 2H167W-1 power supply unit that provides multiple voltage outputs.

Heber is an established supplier of peripherals and control systems for gaming, AWPs and amusement machine manufacturers with the Pluto range being synonymous with quality and innovation. The announcement of this new addition to the line is exciting news for our varied and global client base.

The new video PSU is a perfect companion for the Pluto range of controllers and is a simple drop-in replacement for the Sanken 2H167W-1, ensuring reliability and dependability.

“The Pluto Video PSU is an ideal solution for AWP manufacturers and developers that require multiple voltage outputs. What’s more, the new Pluto Video PSU also offers high peak power capability along with over current and over voltage protection.”

Simon Rose – Business Development Manager

With over 30 years of gaming peripheral and controller design and manufacturing experience, Heber has seen many changes in the industry. Recent years have seen trends towards more PC based games, a greater desire for quality visuals amongst customers and also an increase in the number of screens. The challenge for designers and manufacturers such as Heber, therefore, is to provide new technology to support such a rapidly changing industry, without compromising on the quality or durability of their products.