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A Little Update, 2022

The end of 2022 is fast approaching, and here at Heber we are getting ready for the holiday wind down and reflecting on what has been both a challenging and exciting year.

Like many of those in the electronic design and manufacturing industry we have faced some serious shortages on components and shipping delays. Our test, purchasing and dispatch teams having been working hard searching out stock and ensuring we have everything we need to get orders ready to ship, and our engineers have been looking for ways to replace hard to get parts to ensure that orders with us are fulfilled.  

This year has also seen quite a few exciting projects at Heber, including Pippa, the AI early warning fire detection device (, the continued growth of the MMS Multisystem gaming console and various MMS add ons ( and the opening of the Arcade Archive Museum, an exhibition space filled with working classic arcade machines ( We have also expanded our 3D print farm, currently we have 22 machines to meet growing demand of 3D printed product requirements. We are looking to acquire a few more in 2023 and explore more uses for 3D printing in future projects.

Along with our new products, our engineers have been kept busy with a bumper year of research and development, and design projects, and we are looking forward to continuing with these exciting ventures into 2023.

If you have any questions, ideas for products or just want to know a little more about what we do, you can email us at We are a friendly bunch, and enjoy talking about what we do!

Finally, we’d like to thank our customers this year for your ongoing support. We look forward to continuing our work with you in the new year.

Happy Holidays from everyone at Heber!