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3D Printing at Heber

Along with electronics design and manufacture, did you know that Heber also do 3D printing?

We currently have 20 machines in our 3D print farm, meaning we can not only create your electronics, but also the enclosures for them.
Take the Pippa AI kitchen safety device. We worked with our client to design and create the electronic controls, and then to create the perfect external enclosure design, wall mount and battery clip which could be tested on various surfaces and in multiple kitchens. The use of 3D printing allowed changes to be accommodated before the final design tooling, for the injection moulded fire-retardant plastic case.
Another of our products, the MiSTer Multisytsem, has a bespoke enclosure designed and created by Heber. The benefit of this is that we were able to create a few versions in order to find the perfect finished product for both ease of use, and a stylish and recognisable case. To print these cases we use a biodegradable plastic filament called PolyTerra PLA, and for every spool of this filament used, a tree is also planted.
With 3D print projects we will work with you through the early design phases using specialised design software, right through to creating prototypes specifically made to your requirements.