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Super CTRLDock controller interface

What is the Super CTRLDock controller interface?

The Super CTRLDock is the latest in Hebers range of controller interfaces, and it joins the CTRLDock Classic SE in the current range.

The Nintendo Controller Slice adds low latency (around 2ms) support for Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) gamepads, Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) gamepads, and the SNES Mouse to the Multisystem. Two NES and two SNES gamepads may be connected directly to the Controller Slice, and up to four NES controllers and eight SNES controllers may be connected at the same time using the Nintendo Four Score™ and MultiPlayer 5 accessories.

The Super CTRLDock can be used with many different types of system, the MiSTer, Multisystem, Raspberry Pi, Windows, Linux and Mac O/S will recognise this as a 2 Port HID game controller device.

Each port is equipped with a 100mA resettable fuse on the 5V connection and resistors on the other signal lines to protect the Super CTRLDock and control system in the event of a short circuit.


  • Available as a Standalone USB device or as a Multisystem Slice
  • Compatible with Nintendo Entertainment Systems control pads
  • Mouse speed switch to change the speed of the SNES mouse
  • Digital and analogue device support
  • Low latency, around 2ms
  • Built in protection against short circuits for the many classic controller wiring types
  • Support for simultaneous devices e.g. two players or joystick and mouse
  • Upgradable firmware to add future device support and updates
  • Built to Heber’s usual high standard and thoroughly tested before shipping

Board with optional 3D printed enclosure (stand-alone USB)

Board with optional slice tray for the Multisystem console