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Tea, Tropical Storms and Electronics


Electric water heating specialist Heatrae Sadia wished to develop a new electric water heater to dispense the hottest drinking water possible. Heatrae Sadia approached Heber with a design brief for the following: an electronic control system that would heat water quickly with the minimum of condensation and then hold the water close to boiling point, without boiling, ready for use on demand.

Sounds simple, but a broader scientific understanding at Heber led to the recognition of potential problems, since the boiling point of water is actually variable, being affected by altitude, air pressure and even solutes. Simply holding a specific temperature would not be good enough, if this temperature was to be as close to boiling as possible.


To overcome this problem Heber developed an innovative real time control loop that detected and calibrated the boiling point of water on installation. Once operational the electronics recalibrates the boiling point, allowing for the drifting boiling point, caused by pressure changes as weather systems pass overhead. Meteorological records of severe storms were studied to identify the worst case rate of change of pressure likely to be experienced by the system anywhere in the world.

As a result of a Heber’s broader understanding and original design, Heatrae Sadia was able to release the Supreme water heater to market with great success. Since launch, Heatrae Sadia has sold in excess of 80,000 units.

Staff at Heber have been designing creative electronic solutions for real world problems for over 30 years. If you need to heat, pump, cool, mix, detect or evaporate water, Contact Us for more information.