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The Arcade Archive is Open!

After months of tidying, sorting, redecorating and sourcing arcade cabinets, the Arcade Archive is finally open to the public.

This exciting new space is not your average gaming arcade. With a huge range of arcade games ready to play, including some wonderful rare machines (original Pong anyone?), getting high scores is not the only aim of the Arcade Archive.
The ethos behind this joint venture between Heber and youtubers Neil from RMC Retro and Alex from Arcade Archive, is to preserve and restore these old systems, while focusing on the companies behind them, the developers, the game and cabinet art, and history of each cabinet. It is a hands-on gaming arcade museum, providing a big hit of nostalgia, combined with passion for classic arcades.
Along with providing the space for the arcade, which is located in our old Goods In Store, Heber are on hand to provide help with repairs to the arcade systems, and provide expert electronics knowledge to keep the arcades playable.
Also located in Belvedere Mill is The Cave, a retro computer and console museum. Tickets for the arcade and retro computer museum can be bought here: