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The liquid event system from Heber using innovative modular technology

Heber has developed an innovative modular technology approach to monitoring, reporting and controlling events relating to liquid. Real time events include leak detection, accurate flow rate measurement, micro-fine temperature monitoring and level sensing. This means a faster, more streamlined development process for new products or for re-engineering existing products.

What’s more, with some applications, huge benefits can be achieved by using non-invasive sensors as the modular technology does not compromise the integrity of the container, for example- level sensing of liquids in a tank. No need for sensors that can interfere with the flow and there’s no need for additional holes in the container for further instrumentation. In addition, with a modular approach- reporting and controlling the liquid events can be combined to include a single sensor response and report system to a full management system that can report and function on multiple sensors and events. Event reporting can be carried out using a number of different rigorous techniques with or without IoT integration including server-side data storage to App reporting and notifications. For maintenance controls or on-board service reporting, Heber’s innovative Magic Eye technology can be incorporated into the design.

The application of Heber’s innovative modular monitoring, reporting and controlling of liquid events has enabled a number of novel devices to be brought to market ranging from a unique home leak detection device, electric showers and digital mixer showers, in-line kitchen boilers and industrial steam cleaners. Further applications include industrial, waste-liquid or rainwater harvesting tank level sensing, medical micro-fine fluid measuring devices and temperature-controlled fluid monitoring for healthcare scenarios- all benefiting from Heber’s expertise. Heber’s capability and experience in design with multiple sensor types including flow, temperature, humidity, touch, ultrasonic, audio, tilt, gas and many more provides a unique insight into how to best solve your liquid measurement and flow control issues.