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The Retro Collective

The Retro Collective is a visitor attraction based here at Heber’s Belvedere Mill, comprising two hands-on retro technology and gaming museums, The Cave and Arcade Archive.

While the museums are separate businesses, Heber is involved in both by providing our expert electronics knowledge to help repair and conserve the retro technology, thus helping to future proof the systems.

The Cave

Located on the top floor of Belvedere Mill, The Cave, is home to a wide range of classic computer, console and electronic handhelds. These are all setup in a hands-on museum, created by Neil Thomas who also runs the RMC Retro YouTube channel, The Cave is a nostalgic retro paradise where you can remember all about the vintage computer and games technology you had or desired.

Arcade Archive

Also located at Belvedere Mill is the Arcade Archive. This is a classic video Arcade Museum dedicated to the preservation, demonstration and hands-on play of classic video arcade machines.

Both museum spaces are now open for public and corporate bookings. Go to to learn more!