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X10i controller delivers power to gaming and computer programmers of the future

Heber’s X10i has long been established within the gaming market as a reliable, flexible tool offering complete gaming connectivity; controlling and interfacing with external devices. But did you know it also has specific capability to support a leading contributor to encouraging more young people to develop their computing skills before university?

The X10i USB I/O expansion board is now compatible with the Raspberry Pi 3. Heber provides Raspbian drivers for the X10i that allow the Raspberry Pi to use the extensive API command set, allowing complete control and interfacing to the outside world. It’s a plug and play USB board, so just a simple and single connection to the Raspberry Pi is all that is required.

To help our budding electrical engineers, the latest Raspbian releases have detailed installation instructions and downloadable image with pre-installed drivers. They also include a new development kit with support for the latest kernel. And as with all Heber products, the X10i Raspbian releases all come with industrial specification design and great support as standard.

“The Heber X10i offers multiple digital inputs and outputs for controlling and interfacing with external devices, making it a perfect complement to the Raspberry Pi. X10i drivers, development kits and product documentation can all be downloaded from Heber’s website and give users control over a whole range of devices such as lights, LEDs, switches and stepper motors.” He continued: “The X10i is a great device and I am very proud that we have sold more than 100,000 of them already, helping to establish and give access to vital STEM skills and encourage the next generation of engineers across the world.”

Les Ashton-Smith – Heber Managing Director

Of course, the new additions to the X10i capability are not just for those new to electronics. They also continue to support our gaming, vending and educational clients and the X10i is backed up with over 20 man-years of software development in the code, drivers and API functions all specialising in gaming applications.

The Raspberry Pi Foundation launched its first product in February 2012. Aimed at providing low cost, high performance computers that people use to learn, solve problems and have fun, 12 million Raspberry Pis have now been sold and a global community of digital makers and educators established. Raspberry Pi focuses on offering cost effective, easy access computing capability and the X10i is a natural add on.