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X10i USB Interface

X10i USB Interface

Delivering power to gaming and computer programmers of the future

The X10i from Heber is our main product from the Xline range. It has been perfectly designed to be added to any Windows®, Linux or Raspberry Pi® system equipped with a USB port.

Adaptable to any situation, flexibility is a key factor with X10i.

X10i complements PC motherboards, adding gaming specific interfaces and non-volatile memory from a single USB port. Features which enable gaming machine developers to produce GLI-11 compliant gaming platforms with almost any PC motherboard. Spinning mechanical reels, collecting money or simply storing meter data X10i provides a simple software API allowing fast game development.

X10i has numerous multi-purpose, programmable input sensing, and output control ports, including four that can monitor activity even when the main power has been removed. It also has eight further lines that can be programmed as inputs or outputs as desired. X10i brings a crucial feature to its host controller with a real time processor, which ensures X10i knows exactly when, and in which order, a sequence occurs.


Safety against game piracy is paramount, which is why each X10i has a unique security key feature and an exclusive electronic serial number. Additionally each processor has a real time clock, with battery backup, which can store crucial data for up to 60 days.

Key Features

  • Inputs for switches
  • Open drain outputs for lamps and meters
  • High current outputs
  • Serial I/O: RS232, TTL, ccTalk
  • On-board security device
  • Stereo audio amplifier
  • Windows® XPe / Linux / Raspberry Pi® drivers

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